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7 Reasons Why So Many Workers Are Switching To These Safety Shoes In 2024

Have you been searching for your best pair of work shoes, but are overwhelmed with too many designs and options? For years, work shoe brands have been putting out overly complex pairs that just aren’t designed for work, leading to many struggling to stay on their feet. Here’s how the engineers and designers working on the Defender fixed work shoes.

1. A do it all work shoe (at an affordable price) 

By working with top foot and shoe designers, the creators of the Defender were able to make a shoe ready to take on nearly any job, at one of the most affordable prices on the market, $83.95, saving you over $30 compared to the competition. 

2. Features designed to keep your feet safe at work

The Defender’s designers spent years on manual labor jobs, where they talked to tons of workers & figured out what matters with work shoes. A wide steel toe keeps your toes safe from drops, while a puncture resistant sole gives you peace of mind when you’re working near objects like nails or broken glass. But don’t just take our word for it - our shoes are ASTM F2412-18 approved. 

3. Light sleek… and stylish 

It has the compact, lightweight design of a sneaker, with the rugged protection of a work boot fused into one. No more sore feet from pounds of extra weight on your feet, weighing only 1lb each, they save you energy & focus all work day. Best of all, the stylish design means you actually can look forward to slipping them on in the morning, looking & feeling good. 

4. Don’t let shoelaces hold you back

Knotted laces? A thing of the past. Our speed lace system lets you get out the door and into your day faster & easier. Another bonus of not worrying about laces? Keeping your eyes on what really matters, getting the work done right. 

5. Redesigned to be better

Our design team took a look at customer feedback and realized we had room to improve. That’s why the 2024 Defender has new features like an all new thermal fuse double layered mesh outer, thicker no tie laces, and extra comfort padding added around the heel and tongue. Still not sold? Our customer support team is available and ready 24/7 to help you with anything you need. 

6. Try if for yourself 30 days risk free

We’re pretty sure you’ll love the Defender from the first step. But everyone’s foot is different & unique to them which makes finding the perfect fit super important. The better your shoe fits, the more you can enjoy the shoe & by extension your day at work. The Defender, starting at $83.95 was designed to make your work day easier, but if that’s not working out for you, you have 30 days to let us know and return it for a refund. 

6. 2000+ 5 Star Reviews

The Invincible Shoe is taking the work shoe industry by storm. With over 60,000 happy customers and thousands of 5 star ratings they are one of the fastest growing shoe brands in the USA right now. Their shoes are a must have for 2024 for anyone who values protection and likes to get stuff done.

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