Invincible Shoes - Asphalt / Mens 12.5 / United States
Top and bottom shown: Pair of black Defender Shoes 800 x 800
Side-view of black Defender Shoe 800 x 800
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Concrete Defender Shoes 800 x 800
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  • Bild in Galerie-Viewer laden, Top and bottom shown: Pair of black Defender Shoes 800 x 800
  • Bild in Galerie-Viewer laden, Side-view of black Defender Shoe 800 x 800
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$ 83.95
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$ 83.95
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Wir haben unsere Stahlkappenschuhe – Invincible Shoes  – entwickelt, um alles zu stoppen, was ihnen in den Weg kommt. Und das alles so leicht und bequem wie ein Laufschuh. Dies sind äußerst langlebige Schuhe, da sie sowohl stoßfest sind als auch eine nagel- und durchtrittsichere Sohle haben. Mit Funktionen wie einer Stahlkappe und einem stilvollen Design macht unsere einzigartige, leichte Kombination von Funktionen sie perfekt für Bauarbeiten, Tischlerarbeiten und Handarbeit.


Alle Schuhe von The Invincible Shoe sind aus hochdichtem Stahl gefertigt, der für eine lange Lebensdauer sorgt. Seien Sie beruhigt, denn im Falle eines Unfalls sind Ihre Zehen sicher und geschützt am Arbeitsplatz geschützt.
Front view of a person attempting to step on nails 480 x 480


Alle unsere Schuhe bestehen aus in die Sohle eingewebtem Anti-Piercing-Material in Militärqualität. Es erfordert viel mehr Kraft als ein normales Paar Arbeitsschuhe, damit etwas durch unsere Schuhe geht. Diese durchtrittsicheren Schuhe eignen sich perfekt für gefährliche Arbeiten in der Nähe von gefährlichen Glasscherben und scharfen Nägeln!

Person holding sole demonstrating its flexibility 480 x 480


Mit einem Gewicht von nur etwa 1 Pfund pro Schuh verursachen Invincible Shoes™ nach langen Arbeitstagen keine Schmerzen in den Füßen. Unsere leichte Technologie trägt auch dazu bei, Ihr Körpergewicht zu verteilen, sodass Sie im Gegensatz zu schweren Stiefelndas Gleichgewicht halten und sich den ganzen Tag über beweglich fühlen.
Legs dangling off of cliff with emerald Defender Shoes.


Unsere Schuhe sind vielseitig einsetzbar und zeichnen sich durch alles aus, was sie können. Verwenden Sie sie für Turnschuhe, Arbeitsschuhe und alles dazwischen. Außerdem sehen sie fantastisch aus und fühlen sich auch so an, was Ihnen ständig Komplimente einbringt, egal wo Sie sind.


Bitte beachten Sie vor dem Kauf die Größentabelle. Wir empfehlen Ihnen, Ihre Standardschuhgröße am Beispiel einer Marke wie Nike zu bestellen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2536 reviews
Patwan Z.

Work at Fedex and run through shoes about every 6 months. Ive tried several different brands and didnt mind paying whatever as long as the shoes were comfortable Ive tried, Keen ( 3 different models they have at a cost of around 140 each ), Danner, Red Wing, etc. Im only writing this review to help others who have gone through the same experiences I have. Obviously we all dont have the same size feet. Im 6'4 with regular size 12. These shoes are the Sh$t. Seriously these things might change your life. Best part,,,,, Fedex paid for them I didnt pay anything but I would happily pay on my own if I had too. Seriously theyre worth trying out.

Lauren P.

These shoes have changed my life. Seriously they are amazing.

I work in a distribution center as a mechanic so i am on my feet running all day on a concrete surface and learned very quickly that normal shoes just won't cut it. My feet were throbbing every single day after work until i purchased these shoes.

The insoles are very very comfortable and have yet to lose any of their comfort at all.

The tread on the bottom is also very durable and has prevented me from slipping several times in hydrologic fluid leaks.

The shoes themselves are very durable and take a beating like no other and keep on going and the fit is just right (very hard to find with size 15 foot) i have no aches or pains in my feet at the end of the day anymore and will for sure be purchasing another pair in the future.

Quick side note: these shoes break in really fast took maybe half a work day (6hrs) to break in.

Jeff B.

I work in a hardware store, these shoes have dramatically changed my job performance. With out fear of keeping my feet safe and comfortable my productivity has increased. The toe is strong enough to stop a pallet dropping and has been hit with at least 50 lbs at this point. Some seams are starting to spread, but a bit of superglue has fixed them. I normally only get 6 months per pair of shoes and these are holding up way better than others and are a steel (toe) for the price !


Love these shoes!! I work at a hardware store and these keep me protected and comfortable all day! Great for work, but also comfy and stylish enough for everyday wear. These shoes have quickly become my favorite shoes and it's great to know they're built to last.

I Do Reccomend These

I wear a size 13, and have a semi-wide foot. I bought these to wear at work (paramedic, non-fire based). They fit perfectly. The sole is thin and flexible so you feel bumps under your foot like a light running shoe. It could use better grip, but it's not awful. The shoe overall is light and breathable like they claim. The shoe laces are elastic making for easy on/off between calls (who am I kidding, there is no "in between" calls). They feel a little insecure (loose) but haven't had a single incident when they've slipped this first month of wear, might fix it with regular string laces. The insole is paper thin, expect to buy a new set with some padding. I don't feel the need for ankle support, so for the price of one decent work boot I could get two pairs of these with new insoles and be very happy.

Great 4 Work.

Like that they are light comfortable and have lasted longer than other brands I've tried in the past I'm a heavy guy 268lbs 6.4" i work on cars every day shoes take the beating and the chemicals every day still intact will buy another pair wen they give out

Quang H.

WOW! All I can say is these shoes have far exceeded my expectations. I walk on concrete for 40-50hrs a week and require a steel toe shoe/boot. For most of my career I have worn Red Wing boots and finally decided to try out something different. A few others have mentioned that it takes a day or so break them in and at first I felt that the toe area was a little tight but within the first week they felt perfect. Extremely soft and comfortable and Ive had noticeably less foot fatigue. Will definitely buy again when they wear out.

Jimmy Z.

I don't need a pair of safety toe shoes all of the time. So the pair of old boots that I have are not soft anymore, and end up hurting my feet. Since I'm not the guy on the shop floor doing the work any more, I mainly needed a pair of safety shoes so I can meet safety requirements hone I do visit the shop floors of my customers. These fit great and do not hurt my feet at all. The first time I wore them I think I walked about 3 miles in them during the day and was on my feet for most of the day... No problem!

Savannah L.

This shoe was comfortable from this first time I put them on. I was looking for a work shoe with toe protection and a non-slip sole but still lightweight. I have only worn them a few days but the shoe seems well made and I so far I am very pleased with the fit and comfort. Although they are still heavier than something like a cross training shoe they are lighten than the steel toe shoes I was previously wearing and significantly more comfortable. I needed the shoe to enter areas where toe protection is required which these shoe fit my needs very well. If my application required a shoe that would protect against water, mud and a dirty environment I would likely choose more of a boot style shoe but this shoe provides the comfort and protection I need for my job. Very please so far.

Mike P.

These are easily the most comfortable work shoe Ive owned. Im on my feet most of the day working for a heavy weight freight delivery company and need a steel toe shoe in many of the places I deliver to. These fit the bill perfectly and arent bulky, its like wearing a fitness shoe. Ive been wearing this for a few months now and they holding up very well. Ill definitely be recording these.