How Work Boots Are Holding You (And Your Productivity) Back In Life.

Moving machinery, directing a crew, installing that sink under the stairs, we know it and get it, work is demanding enough on your body and mind. So why make things harder for yourself with a pair of heavy work boots? An average clunky boot with a steel toe can weigh 4 to almost 5 pounds each, and are probably as flexible as a cement brick. Just by strapping your boots on in the morning, you've already managed to slow yourself down, and set yourself up for a much more difficult day.  

Now imagine the feeling of shedding eight pounds instantly (No diet required we promise). What would that do for your days energy and focus? I bet you'd get more done and feel lighter and faster on your feet, and I bet when you got home at night, you'd have more energy to do what you want, instead of going straight to bed with sore feet and a tired spirit.

Simply put, God put us on Earth to help people like you and me with this. We designed our first model of the Invincible Shoes, the Defender, to give you the same steel toe as heavy Timberlands, all while weighing a pound or less each. But we said why stop there? Why not add features like a kevlar sole, and ergonomic grip, just to really show the big footwear brands that change is coming, whether they like it or not.