Left overhead sideview of Ghost white shoe 800 x 800
Left view of Ghost white shoe 800 x 800
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Front view of red camouflaged Ghost shoe 800 x 800
linear-gradient(120deg, rgba(76,76,78,1) 50%, rgba(243,67,79,1) 50%);
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Left view of Ghost white shoe 800 x 800
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$ 99.00
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$ 99.00
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Diseñamos nuestro par más elegante de The Invincible Shoes - Ghost - para detener lo que se interponga en su camino mientras son tan livianos y cómodos como una zapatilla para correr. Estos son zapatos casi indestructibles ya que son a prueba de impactos, clavos y pinchazos. Con una punta de acero fuerte y resistencia al deslizamiento. Nuestra exclusiva combinación ligera de características los hace perfectos para cosas como trabajos de construcción, carpintería y trabajo manual.


Ghost está fabricado con acero de alta densidad que no te defraudará. Ten la tranquilidad de saber que los dedos de tus pies están seguros.

Red Camouflaged Ghost Shoe's steel toe being hammered while standing on board with nails sticking through.


Todos nuestros zapatos están fabricados con kevlar de grado militar entretejido en la suela. Se necesita mucha más fuerza que un par de zapatos de trabajo normales para que algo atraviese nuestros zapatos. Estos zapatos resistentes a los pinchazos son perfectos para trabajos peligrosos alrededor de cosas como vidrios rotos peligrosos y clavos afilados, ya que el Ghost se desliza sobre ellos.


Red camouflaged Ghost shoes being tightended


Con un peso de menos de 1 libra cada zapato, Ghost no hará que le duelan los pies después de largos días de trabajo. Nuestra tecnología liviana también ayuda a dispersar su peso corporal, de modo que, a diferencia de las botas pesadas de kevlar, te mantenemos en equilibrio y sintiéndote ágil, permitiéndote deslizarte durante tus largos días.

Person standing outside wearing red camouflaged Ghost Shoes on metal fragments


Nuestros zapatos fueron diseñados para usarse en cualquier lugar y en todas partes, mientras se ven geniales. ¿Vuelves del trabajo y quieres ir al gimnasio? Estás cubierto, y nuestro diseño liviano seguramente llamará la atención donde sea que te aventures.



Consulte la tabla de tallas antes de comprar. Recomendamos pedir tu talla de calzado estándar usando una marca como Nike como ejemplo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
DFfjtf F.
WARNING they are NOT Lasagna proof...otherwise totally satisfied!

(Actually worth 5 stars) So I was eating Stoffers wearing these sick every so slight light grey kicks and then BAM my fork breaks through the cheapo paper plate I was using. 0/10 DO NOT recommend eating lasagna off of a paper plate. At least doubt plate it or use a real one under if you don’t want to get a real plate dirty. The shoes are great though. They are light and have very strong insoles so I don’t worry about feeling every rock or imperfection that I step on while walking/running. I gave 4 stars because they could have told me that it would be impossible to get Lasagna stains completely out of them.

Qqq D.
Wow! These are FANTASTIC!!

Great support! I was needing some new shoes for work and I wanted COMFORT. These definitely delivered! I wore them the first time for a 12 hour shift, and my feet didn't ache like the boots I wore the week before. My feet were tired, but just from working, I stood a lot and walked and bent with great support and good comfort from these shoes. Great value and even better performance, I was shocked!!

Leo C.
Fit Great and They're Not Made By Nike!

I’m sooooooo impressed with these shoes. I was skeptical of the fit. These are by far THE MOST comfortable shoes. I work in a prison on concrete floors and these give my great support. I’ll be ordering more for sure!

Dylan I.
I'll never buy a Nike shoe again..

Pretty impressed with these. Comfortable, breathable hard wearing (to a point).
I've been using Nike/Adidas for years but prices have gone up and quality has gone down, not too mention the soles wear out pretty quick.
Took a risk on these, fit perfectly, really comfy insoles, colour and design are spot on, grip level good.
Would buy again.

Larry J.
Quality for the price :)

I’ve been wearing them everyday for a while now. I am on my feet and moving around for the majority of the day. And they are holding up great. Soo comfortable. I can actually be on my feet for 10 hours a day and my feet don’t hurt at all. I had normal work boots before these and my feet would start hurting within the first few hours. Super happy with this purchase. If you’re on the fence just get them. They’re true to size and so comfortable AND visually appealing.

Isaac H.
Became one of my favorites!!!!!!!!

Great style. This is my second pair and I'm already looking for my third pair. I'm in the 300+ category and anyone that is a member in good standing in that club knows that weight can destroy a shoe if you aren't rotating them. They last so much longer and wear so much better if you can do it. I recommend these for anyone looking for an economical good looking shoe that looks good and wears comfortably

Henry M.
Great for outdoor activities, fits perfectly!

Shoes fit great, look good and feel like they will last. Will use them primarily for running so I need to replace them every six months or so. Didn't really need them quite yet but the price was so good I couldn't pass them up.

Sadie G.
Love the Ghost

Amazing shoes these are super comfortable while im painting.

Jane L.
Very satisfied

I saw the ad and I loved the product. After I received the product I was very please to see that my feet fitted perfectly in the shoes. I feel very good and comfortable wearing them. The shoes are so lightweight I doesn't feel like a burden wearing them. The style is very attractive but more importantly I loved using it without worrying about its tearing.

Noah J.
Low price and extremely comfortable <3

They’re comfy shoes so far. They do their job and they look much better than the steel toe boots I usually see. Tthere are some minor cosmetic flaws but I honestly do not care. They get the job done.
I love the shoes so far. We will see how long they last. You get what you pay for.