Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
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Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
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Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes

Prix ​​habituel
$ 149.95
Prix ​​habituel
$ 199.95
Prix ​​de vente
$ 149.95
Prix ​​unitaire
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50 000+ clients satisfaits


  • Robuste, double couche thermoscellée ajoutée à la pointe pour une durabilité du maillage
  • La nouvelle semelle ultra légère offre la meilleure résistance au glissement et le meilleur confort de sa catégorie
  • CSA Z195-14 certifié tige en composite Kevlar anti-pénétration
  • Conception légère avec embout en acier (la taille 13 pèse 1,39 lb par chaussure)
  • Tige en mesh respirant renforcé
  • Lacets à serrage rapide en nylon renforcé
  • Poche pratique en filet élastique ajoutée pour le rangement des lacets
  • Tire-langue ajoutée pour facilité d'utilisation 
  • Sac de transport/rangement gratuit
  • Certifié ASTM F2413-18



Nous n'avons épargné aucune dépense pour créer cette chaussure. Nous avons pris la Defender Pro et l'avons complètement repensée avec les matériaux les plus haut de gamme du marché, et avons passé des années à les tester jusqu'à ce qu'elles deviennent la meilleure chaussure de travail possible.



Avec un embout en acier résistant aux chocs et une semelle résistante aux perforations, le Defender Pro 2.0 est conçu pour faire le travail et avoir fière allure.



Toutes les chaussures fabriquées par The Invincible Shoe ™ sont fabriquées en acier haute densité fait pour durer. Ayez l'esprit tranquille en sachant qu'en cas d'accident, vos orteils sont en sécurité et protégés au travail. Aux États-Unis, chaque année, 65 000 travailleurs subissent des blessures aux pieds en raison du port d'une mauvaise protection. Notre mission est de réduire ce nombre à 0 au cours de notre vie.


Nous avons pris notre Defender Pro, déjà populaire, et l'avons entièrement reconstruit. Doté de notre nouvelle technologie de maille brevetée, vos pieds restent au chaud par temps froid et au frais dans les climats chauds, offrant ainsi un confort toute l'année à la maison ou au travail.

Deux années de recherche et de développement basées sur les commentaires des clients ont été consacrées à la création du nouveau Defender Pro 2.0 entièrement repensé (modèle 2023).



  • Fonctionne fidèle à la taille

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Francis L.
The Best!

I picked up these shoes for work, then realized I didn't actually need them. But, I decided to keep them anyway because they're just so comfortable—I figured they'd come in handy for something else down the line. And, honestly, these shoes are incredibly comfy. The inner sole is like stepping on a cloud, truly made of memory foam that molds to your feet. So, even though I got them for work initially, I'm glad I kept them. Big thanks to IVSHS for such a cozy pair of shoes.

Stephen G.

Fourth pair of Defender Pro 2.0 and still impressed. They withstand my daily gardening wear and tear like champs. Best work shoes I've owned.

Madison L.

I do a lot of walking for my job, and the Defender Pro 2.0s are the first shoes where my feet don't ache at the end of the day. Highly recommend.

Ben C.
Very impressed with the overall quality and feel

Super light and look pretty sick. They've got a solid steel toe that you can count on. The bottoms grip well, so no slipping, rly comfy, plus the insoles are top-notch. They're wide enough for my wide size 12 feet, so I can wear them all day without any issues. The mesh material keeps my feet from getting too hot or sweaty. Totally recommend these shoes, and gotta say, the shipping from the seller was super quick too!

Nazeer M.
Super comfortable, Best shoes from Invincible

I've just picked up my second pair of these. They take a little time to break in, but once you do, they're super comfortable and definitely worth what you pay. I'm on my feet for over 15 hours, four days a week, always moving and really putting my shoes through their paces. These manage to last me about 9 months, which is pretty decent given how much I use them. I'd love if they lasted a bit longer, but given the cost, it's hard to be too upset. I popped in some extra insoles for added comfort this round, and they seem to be doing the trick. The shoe itself holds up great, though the original memory foam tends to wear down quickly with me. I'll definitely be getting another pair when it's time.

Andrew M.

Years back, I relied on Invincible shoes for my work footwear since they were always durable and lasted a long time. Recently, after starting a new job at a warehouse, I realized I needed something sturdy to protect my feet. Being on hard concrete all day and experiencing a few incidents with dropped objects, I decided to give these Invincible shoes a try. They've been fantastic! Comfortable for all-day wear and the steel toe protection is top-notch.

Jeffrey N.

These are hands down the best work shoes I've ever had, and being Invincible brand, they're the most comfortable pair I've stepped into, even with steel toes. I'm on my third pair in four years—not because they've fallen apart (I've actually passed my older pairs on) but just because I wear them so much. The only sign of wear is the sole lip at the front, which starts to peel after a couple of months of hard work. The sizing is good too. Plus, they've got a look that surprisingly matches today's styles.

Benjamin C.
Good for HVAC work!

HVAC work can be rough on shoes, but these have held up through attics, basements, and everything in between. Comfy and protective is a win in my book.

Logan K.

they’re solid. No more sore feet after a day of lugging around materials. Plus, they’ve survived drops and spills like a champ.

Lucas G.

Got these for my event gigs, and dude, game changer! Feet don’t hurt anymore, even after setting up all day. Plus, they look slick enough for me to wear anywhere.