Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
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Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes
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Defender Pro 2.0 - Femmes

Prix ​​habituel
$ 149.95
Prix ​​habituel
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$ 149.95
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  • Robuste, double couche thermoscellée ajoutée à la pointe pour une durabilité du maillage
  • La nouvelle semelle ultra légère offre la meilleure résistance au glissement et le meilleur confort de sa catégorie
  • CSA Z195-14 certifié tige en composite Kevlar anti-pénétration
  • Conception légère avec embout en acier (la taille 13 pèse 1,39 lb par chaussure)
  • Tige en mesh respirant renforcé
  • Lacets à serrage rapide en nylon renforcé
  • Poche pratique en filet élastique ajoutée pour le rangement des lacets
  • Tire-langue ajoutée pour facilité d'utilisation 
  • Sac de transport/rangement gratuit
  • Certifié ASTM F2413-18



Nous n'avons épargné aucune dépense pour créer cette chaussure. Nous avons pris la Defender Pro et l'avons complètement repensée avec les matériaux les plus haut de gamme du marché, et avons passé des années à les tester jusqu'à ce qu'elles deviennent la meilleure chaussure de travail possible.



Avec un embout en acier résistant aux chocs et une semelle résistante aux perforations, le Defender Pro 2.0 est conçu pour faire le travail et avoir fière allure.



Toutes les chaussures fabriquées par The Invincible Shoe ™ sont fabriquées en acier haute densité fait pour durer. Ayez l'esprit tranquille en sachant qu'en cas d'accident, vos orteils sont en sécurité et protégés au travail. Aux États-Unis, chaque année, 65 000 travailleurs subissent des blessures aux pieds en raison du port d'une mauvaise protection. Notre mission est de réduire ce nombre à 0 au cours de notre vie.


Nous avons pris notre Defender Pro, déjà populaire, et l'avons entièrement reconstruit. Doté de notre nouvelle technologie de maille brevetée, vos pieds restent au chaud par temps froid et au frais dans les climats chauds, offrant ainsi un confort toute l'année à la maison ou au travail.

Deux années de recherche et de développement basées sur les commentaires des clients ont été consacrées à la création du nouveau Defender Pro 2.0 entièrement repensé (modèle 2023).



  • Fonctionne fidèle à la taille

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
They are amazing so far slight issues

So i love the shoes they are strong compfy and everything but the sides need a bit of padding between the rubber and shoe cause when they are tight the rubber diggs into my foot

Danny A.
Just great

I work in a warehouse and am on my feet for the majority of the day. The Defender Pro 2.0 shoes have been a game-changer. They are comfortable and supportive, and the slip-resistant soles have helped me stay safe on the warehouse floor. These shoes are a great investment for anyone in a physically demanding job or who's constantly on their feet.

Linda T.
Solid quality

They are somehow light and heavy at the same time. In your hands they are heavy but on your feet I do not notice them. The mesh fabric makes them a bit breezy in cold weather but they are a good summer safety shoe. I haven't tried them out at work yet where I am on my feet for 10 hours a day but just messing around in the shop they are just fine. I had to immediately switch out the thin insole that came with them. It might as well not even come with he shoe. My only big complaint now and it's just my ascetics. If your not doing construction or high performance work and need something to protect your toes I'd say get a pair. I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet and a clumsy Great Dane puppy that likes to step on toes so these are great shoes to protect me from that.

Muhammad F.

They are pretty comfortable (I wear in soles because I work long ours so those definitely help). They feel really light for steel toe shoes. I honestly felt like I could go running in them. I got the black ones and they look pretty stylish too. At least compared to other steel toe shoes. Good price for them too. These are for sure better than my defender pro 1s I definitely recommend. Customer service is really helpful also I had the wrong size and did an exchange it was straight forward and simple.

Julia E.
Cute shoes

Great so far, I walk the floors of our factory all day to check on people and my reeboks wore out so I took a chance on these. I love them! Super cute design that's stylish and comfy on the feet. It took a day or two to get used to them but they broke in great and my feet aren't sore anymore. They also have the mandatory steel toe protection I need so my boss likes them too.

Matt F.
Favorite Invincible Shoes Yet!

Ive been a fan of this brand since early 2020. I usually buy 1-2 pairs every 6 months when theres a new model or color drop, so of course I had to get these when they came out. These are definitely my favorite so far they have released. They are easily the most durable pair they sell, the heat sealed toe is way better than the regular defender pro. If you have mess over a steel toe with no heat seal it can fray easily overtime. These overall are super cool looking im a mechanic for toyota and ive put on a few co workers to these so far also. I like the laces also as theres a little pouch to put the extra that sticks out so it doesnt get stuck in any machines. Also shipping was super fast only took 2 days to get to my place in Jersey.

Matt Y.
Holding up good

Been wearing these two months so far and no complaints, they’re really comfy for long days working in buildings hanging blinds. Style is also killer compared to my beater timbs. Only thing negative to say is the laces do get a bit loose so you can to occasionally retighten them but it’s easy to deal with.

Dale L.
Solid upgrade

Bought these to replace my old pair of defenders that lasted 2 years, first impression is the quality is miles better, feels like a tank compared to the regular defender but isn't much heavier. I really notice a difference in the sole as it's chunkier and has a lot more give, but not too much where you sink in. Style on these is also much nicer imo, but we will see how they hold up.

Warren C.
Pretty darn good

Was recommended these after a pair of my timberland shoes fell apart after 4 months. So far so good, the shoes have a really cushy sole and feel lightweight to walk around in. I’ve had them a month so far and they’ve held up contracting on houses, I’ll update this review down the line and see where we end up.

Love the shoes only one problem

I love the defender pro for women however there isn't a big selection for women. They say you can use men shoes size which is great except I wear a size 4 in men's and they don't have that size. What are smaller women to do to get the correct PPE that fits well?