The Invincible Shoe was created by two brothers from Connecticut in their 20's. Working manual labor jobs throughout college, they went through dozens of pairs of shoes and work boots, never finding a pair that fit right, or lasted long. Frustrated with sore feet after long days on ladders, they decided to take action and do something about their problem.   
Pooling their money together, they came up with The Invincible Shoe, and designed the company to offer a superior product to everything else on the market. Our shoes are designed to have the combination of superior comfort, and superior protection.
Our number one goal is to bring the most value we can to customers, while at the same time presenting new solutions that help change the lives of hard working Americans around our proud and beautiful nation.
Thanks for reading our story, and if you have any more questions at all about us, feel free to reach out to help@theinvincibleshoe.com for more information.
Have a great day.