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  • Safety Shoes Evolution: Function + Fashion

    Steel toe shoes weren’t made for the runway. Originating in Germany, they were built for workers to protect their feet from physical hazards while on the job. Built to last, these work boots were practical solutions for growing industrial safety issues.

  • Want Better Productivity? Switch to Comfortable Safety Shoes

    The right shoes have the perfect balance between safety and comfort. Unfortunately, most protective footwear designs are lacking the latter. Meanwhile, those who can’t bear painful boots at work simply wear regular shoes that put them at risk.

  • How the Defender Revolutionized the Safety Shoe

    The Invincible Shoe combines style and functionality with the Defender line, providing you with comfort and style without compromising your safety.
  • Did We Steal The Steel Toe? A Brief History.

    Many of us assume the steel toe shoes we use everyday are a fairly new idea. But did you know the steel toe itself has been around since the 30's...
  • 3 New Years Resolutions To Change Your Life.

    Many people now a days often associate New Years resolutions with what they'd call a joke. It's the time of year when you hear people making numero...
  • How Work Boots Are Holding You (And Your Productivity) Back In Life.

    Moving machinery, directing a crew, installing that sink under the stairs, we know it and get it, work is demanding enough on your body and mind. S...